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Entomobio raises and processes insects for the food industry. Our breeding model allows us to produce large quantities of dried insects with a minimum of resources, guaranteeing a safe finished product, 100% traceable, without any trace of pollutants...

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A protein of Belgian origin, eco-responsible and 100% natural.

Our mealworm larvae (Tenebrio Molitor) farm is intended for human consumption in order to promote a better ecological alternative to traditional animal proteins production which has a significant negative impact on our planet.

In whole or in powder, we offer you quality dried mealworms !

Our facilities

Located in the town of Frasnes-lez-Anvaing in Belgium, we take care of the well-being of our little six-legged animals. We bring them humidity, warmth and food so they can develop without stress in our breeding.

Our vertical farm is THE European reference in the breeding of mealworms for the " Novel Food " files introduced by the Europe Union in order to promote insect breeding for human consumption. Therefore, we have to offer quality mealworm larvae with an irreproachable traceability of our products.

In a spirit of ecology that arouses this approach to insect breeding, we advocate the use of local and organic products from food by-products (wheat bran, brewer's yeast, ...) for our insects.

Finally, we use our insect excrements as organic fertilizer for the land that provided us with the food we need for our breeding. The circle is complete, with a minimum of negative impact on our beautiful planet as well as on our society.

Our Values

At Entomobio, we believe in strong fundamental values to offer you the best possible products.



We give preference to Belgian suppliers, both for the mealworm feed and for the equipment. If this is not possible for certain equipment, we turn to French or Dutch suppliers.



This approach to insect breeding was born to reduce the ecological impact compared to traditional animal proteins production. Our breeding drastically decreases the necessary resources compared to other traditional breeding but also valorizes the waste. Nothing is thrown away at Entomobio.



We are in a new business sector, we must discover, learn and master each stage of our production in order to meet the quality and hygiene requirements of our customers.



In the same spirit as honesty, we strive to creating a good sphere and good relations with all the actors of this breeding in order to work in the best possible conditions.



We favour a direct and honest relationship with our collaborators as well as with our customers in order to best respond to their needs.



In symbiosis with the environment, we work to minimize our impact (waste recovery, limitation of energy consumption, ...) on society and the planet in order to preserve a peaceful future for next generations.

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